The word “ambiance” is typically reserved for specific instances and is certainly not a word that is carelessly thrown around. One usage of “ambiance” that is perfectly fitting is the description of a wine bar; the atmosphere and overall feel of a wine bar need to be carefully tuned to amplify the flavor and pleasure of the wine drinking experience. When it comes to wine bars, ambiance is nearly as important as the wine itself. Creating the proper ambiance for wine enjoyment is more of an art than a science. Here are some ways we at Nirvana Wine & Grillerie, Vernon Hills & Libertyville’s Top Rated Local® wine bar, created the proper environment for our patrons:

Finely tuned sound and lightingNirvan-Special-Event1The right environment for wine drinking should include ambient music loud enough to provide stimulation, but subdued enough to allow for the clinking of wine glasses to be clearly heard over soft voices throughout the space. Next, ensure that the lights in the wine bar are dimmed to create an intimate, calming atmosphere. It is important to ensure not to dim the lights too much, as patrons should be able to see the color tones of the wine and enjoy clearly viewing any food or hors d’oeuvres accompanying the wine. Adjustments will likely need to be made throughout the evening each day as more or less patrons fill the space.

Carefully chosen glass and servingware

It is crucial that the wine glasses used are tailored to the nature of the wine being served, and that they speak to a sophisticated elegance that those enjoying the wine will expect. Remember, guests at a wine bar are often looking for a perfectly serene evening out and are treating themselves to something outside of the daily routine. This makes each glass and servingware selection crucial in defining the wine bar as exactly the place for that sort of evening.

Beyond this, the exact motif of all wine bars is slightly different, and thus the overall look of each wine bar will differ. Our advice is to pick a sophisticated look and carry it through every detail possible in a subtle and charming way.

Want more? Be sure to look into our wine club or attend one of our wine tasting events, enjoyed by many of Libertyville’s wine lovers!